Engaging Families and Communities

Engaging Families and Communities

Communities can serve as powerful partners—in preventing child and abuse and neglect, and in supporting families at the front end of child welfare. Engaging communities to support families expands the available resources for all and fosters a sense of collective responsibility for the well-being of children. Moreover, engaging with communities creates opportunities to address the broader issues that put families at risk. This innovation stream focuses on three distinct sub-topics:

  • Programs and activities that focus on engaging fathers
  • Efforts to build family and parent leadership in child welfare systems change
  • Community approaches to engagement, prevention and intervention

Spotlight On

Father Engagement: Addressing the Challenges

How do we address and resolve some of the more challenging aspects of effective father engagement?

Community Collaborations to Support Families Under Stress

Three initiatives around the country are redefining the idea of community-based child abuse prevention.

Engaging Dads: Seeing Their Strengths

Instead of believing that dads are a liability, we need to understand that they are an asset.

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